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Not exactly as the title would say, and you could say I lied! well, I wouldn’t call it a lie but more of a half-truth mixed with a theory. Kaido is not a Fishman by birth but a dragon, but concerning his DF (Devil Fruit) it definitely makes him the closest being to a Fishman than any other in one piece. and my theory is that Kaido Is the Only “DF” user with the ability to utilize everything possible for a Fishman…including swimming and breathing underwater.

Vegapunks Lineage Factor and synthesizing Devil Fruits.

In chapter 1007 it was revealed that Kaido was in fact captured by the marines a number of times and during one of his brief times locked up, it was said that some of his DNA was extracted by vegapunk to create a devil fruit-based off of Kaidos Lineage or: a family tree of dragons, hence momonosukes Artificial Devil Fruit (Not a SMILE Fruit).

Mythical Zoan Fish-Fish Fruit – Fishman, Model Koi

I’m speculating right now that his devil fruit has yet to be seen!. we have not seen the full depths of his power and so far have only seen his dragon form in this fight.

Kaido has his dragon abilities along with his fish fruit abilities and can use his abilities like no other “DF” user in the series!.

The writers have purposely tossed out the name of Kaido’s fruit with no context, on purpose to leave people searching for answers and picturing what they believe is the case, only to, at the last minute subvert expectations and pull the rug from under your feet

and that is exactly the way the Wano Arc has been going since the beginning.

The Fish-Fish Fruit is created from Fishman DNA

As soon as oda revealed that the fruit was fish related everyone, including myself, thought that what we discovered after research was an absolute fact, and now know that’s what gave him his dragon powers, considering there’s Japanese lore about a carp climbing the waterfall, reaching the top, and becoming a dragon but as I continue to think about it more and read the chapters and listen to keywords being said in the series, it really started to paint a different picture.

and what ive layed out is the result.

it’s a Zoan-Paramecia Hybrid

He’s not able to transform into a fish like a full zoan and must be a hybrid devil fruit just like Blackbeard’s fruit

and allows him to

Blackbeard Yami-Yami No Mi = Logia (with Paramecia Properties) And Clues on This Fishy Fruit
Blackbeard has a logia-type fruit but instead of being able to turn into the darkness completely like other logia users who are capable of fully turning into their element or other logia types, Blackbeard can only create darkness and control it at will.

Big Mom Brags Bout Getting him his devil fruit

it would be kind of silly for kaido to receive a fish fruit that only allows him to turn into a fish bust doesn’t give him the ability to swim, breath underwater, etc. if his fruit was something like the rest of the devil fruits then big mom wouldn’t be bragging nor would kaido be grateful to her for receiving it.

Show of Strength, Kaido’s Faking who he is

He can’t kill himself by jumping in the ocean because he can swim and do everything that the Fishmen can do and his dragon DNA is what makes him durable enough to survive even the toughest attacks by the strongest in the one-piece world. HE LOVES IT!!


Kaido isn’t doing his normal routine of trying to take his own life out of any type of remorse for his actions or not wanting to live another day, but more of a show of strength to anyone who happens to see it, AND PEOPLE ARE USUALLY AROUND TO SEE IT.