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Kaido Dragon-KOI transformation, Featured Image | AtomicAnime

(Spoilers)”Kaido” Mythical Zoan Type: Fish – Fish Fruit | Model: Koi


kaido, since he has been revealed, even in battle and taking massive damage has yet to turn into his hybrid zoan form, and I don’t believe that’s a coincidence.

Many have already speculated that Kaido does not possess an ancient dragon fruit, but in actuality is a dragon his self

since Wano is the main home to all of the dragon lore it’s not too far off and with the release of manga chapter 999, things are getting even crazier.

Did Big Mom just reveal she gave Kaido his devil fruit? yes, she did and with that revelation, opens up so many doors for questions and speculation as to what exactly is Kaido working with?.

Kaido is Originally A Dragon

My main belief that Kaido is a dragon is not an original idea of mine but comes from a few youtube content creators that I enjoy to watch such as:

  1. Joy Boy Theories
  2. Sawyer7Mage

Joy Boy for instance in his latest video states that he Believes that Kaido is, in fact, a dragon IRL

and has the mythical devil fruit power, Model of the “Ryujin” and it is a great theory

but I myself believe that title goes to none other than the revolutionary leader himself, Monkey D, Dragon.

And kaido is indeed a Koi/Carp

when it comes to my theory that Kaido is the type of fish I believe him to be, it’s purely my brain speculating the possibilities

and the newer traits yet to be introduced or retouched on in a new way.

just a Tony Tony Chopper is a reindeer with the Human-Human Fruit”

you better believe that I’m going towards the idea that the biggest baddest of dragons all, over time have generated human traits

and, coupled with the power of the mythical fish devil fruit we have yet another hybrid creature in the one-piece world.


Kaidos Fish fruit could also be What allows him to become a dragon,

as we’ve seen more and more in the story development, that the more power the enemies wield as Devil Fruit holders,

the more you can expect awakening to happen, and maybe his awakened form, is the dragon form making him way more durable.

Learning how to awaken his power was the only reason the carp could make it to the top of the waterfalls of wano

and lets not forget that “Magicarp = Gyarados” for all non pokemon people …More info below!!

the Koi and the Dragon – Secrets & Lore of Kaido

Koi fish are respected in both chinese and japanese culture

Benki (Oniwaka Maru), Kills A Giant Koi

Saito Oniwakamaru Kills Giant Koi

My speculation for this post is not to be taken as literal but as a metaphor for Kaido reaching the top of the waterfall

just like the koi in the story (Above) who was transformed into a dragon of great power,

Kaido is not too far off from that, not so much him being given the powers from the gods but gaining the strength of gods

and using this strength to grab power over Oden and Wano.

There happen to be a few more stories where giant Carp are causing issues like with Benki

whose mother was eaten by an enormous powerful koi and as a result, is hunted down and killed (Image Above)

momos smile fruit is created from Kaido’s spirit

His smile fruit is not complete That’s why Momonosuke has visions and some sort of link to him whenever he transforms,

It’s because kaido is still alive that momo is directly attached to him, and I believe his power will become a full devil fruit with the death of this beast.

Just like in the story with Benkei, the 9 red scabbards with the company of the straw pirates and others will give out punishment and set the country free.


In conclusion, I believe the strongest man in the world is, in fact, a Dragon-Koi hybrid,

with him only in possession of the ancient Zoan: Fish – Fish Fruit, Model – Koi (Carp) or catfish,

from his long whiskers to his shoulder tattoo there are a couple of hints you can latch on to like maybe it’s not just a tattoo

but also a hidden symbol of his true nature… And maybe we will see if Yamato has the same abilities

What do you think, do you believe its all a huge reach or do you think there might be a valid point hidden in this? Let Me know what you think!.