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yamato/Otama | Sister Braiding Hair

(Spoilers)Yamato is Related to Otama: One Piece Theory

  • Yamato: Daughter of Kaido/”Self Proclaimed” Reincarnation Of Oden
    • KozukiDevil Fruit: Unknown
      • Type: Unknown
  • Otama: Kunoichi in training
    • Devil Fruit: Unknown, Paramecia.
      • Type – Kibi Dango

What I Learned From Watching Naruto: Connections to Yamato in One Piece?

several years back I had an idea, and little did I know, that idea would turn to be a reality

in the world of anime predictions, but sadly I did not write on it

this theory that I speak of came when watching one of the best shows of all time Naruto: Shippuden.

Always keeping up on the newest episodes and anime releases, I was always on point.

Tobi / Madara V.S Obito

one day something big happened! Obito Came out as Being Madara Uchiha! the greatest enemy

in the whole naruto lore at that time, and from that point, the story started to progress

Obito Uchiha was finally given a place in the story and it was amazing

and I took it all in and enjoyed every minute of it, but when Obito’s story came to an end

My mind wandering… Is Tobi / Madara Uchiha in reality Obito!?. I waited and watched, and read the latest chapters.

Over the years it was revealed The one-eyed-masked mystery man was in fact

The ex-student of Minato and the formerly thought deceased teammate of Kakashi and Rin.

What does this have to do with One Piece and these somewhat mystical characters Yamato and Otama? I’ll tell you below.

Name Anagrams

I’m sure you can get a good idea of where I’m going with this theory after the example

I laid it out above, and you’re not wrong. I believe that these two girls are in fact related,

this will be one of yet another major reveals in the Wano Arc. Not even having to flip

words around you can see exactly what I mean, by flipping “Yamato” To a mirrored position

then take off the “Y” Then then you have Otama. This is a theory of mine and I’m only speculating

on what could be, and I have a strong feeling this isn’t too much of a stretch.

I’m not fully invested in the idea that they are siblings but I’m leaning more towards some kind of

tie in with the two like maybe they will end up a family, not biological sisters but sisters in spirit

side note:

It’s absolutely possible for the sisters to not know about one another since Yamato has been imprisoned for 20 years

since the age of eight, which is exactly how old Otama is in this current arc.

I think that the only reason Yamato was shown to be “free” to fight ace in Wano is that

she escaped, similarly to how she escaped recently and is now helping protect Momonosuke


  • They Both Have Amazing relationships Luffy, and Ace
  • (My Assumption) (not a fact, just have a feeling) They Both Have devil fruits
  • they’ve both handled a club or club-like weapon to knock out an enemy that was seemingly stronger

In conclusion

In conclusion,

Otama can’t just be some random little girl, I don’t think she would be such a prominent character without there

being something else attached, maybe there’s something that made Kaido disown her he most likely saw her as weak

a similar type of scenario to Sanji and his relationship with his family, but what do you think?

if you have any theories leave a comment and let me know what you think.